The Hospitech innovative models take into account the specific medical needs in terms of primary and secondary prevention, treatment of lifestyle related issues, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, addictions and cancer…
Matricia® is a solution developing primary prevention programs aiming the reduction impact of Stress, Overweight and Sedentary, generating well-being, longevity and quality of life
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Aphysia® is a healthcare solution dedicated to develop adapted physical activities and therapeutic education program for at risk population and prevention.
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CarDiaMet® is a specific medical solution, offering specialized secondary prevention services for patients suffering cardiovascular diseases.
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The intergeneration village® offer concerns retired people getting older, to maintain a good health in a pleasant environment, close to their families and friends.
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Hospitech is involved in the conception and realization of Clinics, Teaching Hospitals and Medical Organizations, offering the best technologies and people training programs.
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