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Opening of the first center Cardiamet at Nice downtown, place Willson

This structure is devoted to cardiologists and their patients, offering very specialized services in the field of secondary prevention of cardiovascular and metabolic events. The added value of exercise training and life style educations is demonstrated.

The programs are coordinated by full time cardiologists, physicists and qualified nurses. The equipment is high tech, using last generation exercise instruments and a telemedicine network. The inauguration is planned end of May. Cardiamet Nice is the first center which will be implemented in the south of France.


A new medical marker to evaluate the nervous system balance: The Hearth Rate Variability (HRV)

Jean Marsac presented a communication at the National Academy of Medicine untitled:

“Heart rate variability: a marker of cardio metabolic risk in Public Health“

HRV is considered as a sensitive and reproducible marker to detect imbalance of the Autonomic Nervous System, towards adrenergic hypereactivity leading to severe cardiac events. This marker will be part of a medical score, transmitted by telemedicine in order to evaluate the medium and long term cardiovascular risks.


A recent agreement was signed between Hospitech® and DANA® Lybia.

The objective is to work on a feasibility study of a French Hospital in Tripoli before going on a big up-to-date general hospital including specialized medical and surgical services, ambulatory care and a prevention institute. This Hospital is conceived to be a reference of high tech practices in the MENA region.


Hospitech and the group Cogedim develop a joint project aimed at active seniors

Hospitech and the group Cogedim develop a joint project aimed at active seniors, designed for their quality of life.

Cogedim, anxious to meet the new active seniors expectations, develops a concept of residences, thought to their well-being and their comfort.

Hospitech, with the Aphysia offer, proposes to the Cogedim Club occupants a range of services to generate well-being, pleasure, serenity and health, thus facilitating their daily lives.

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