Intergeneration Village
The essential target of these Villages is to allow retired people to get older in good health in a pleasant environment, close to their families and friends.
Our Village is viewing the age-related handicaps (back pain, difficulties to move, blurred vision...) suggesting solutions in the field of  comfort, security and serenity of inhabitants.

Home buildings and structures must prevent accidents and offer strain sources such as higher sidewalks, nonslip pavements...
We provide personalized services via the presence of a medical and paramedical experienced team (meals preparation, medical assistance, home services...).

Our buildings embody home automation, a personalized service data computing system. This technology helps implementing comfort solutions (better lighting and heating), energy regulations (programmation), security (alarms and medical networks), communication such as remote control. This system allows retired people to get in touch with their family and neighborhood via videos and web-TV.

Furthermore home automation is especially focused on medical monitoring in case of accidents making it possible to operate quickly.
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