Hospitech is involved in the conception and realization of Clinics, Teaching Hospitals and Medical Organizations, offering the best technologies and people training programs.
The "Clinic for Asthma and Allergies"
Asthma is a Public Health priority in most countries affecting about 10 % of the population, especially children. Asthma remains an under-diagnosed disease, often inadequately treated. Our focus is to offer added value services via the most recent technologies using accredited methods, validated by scientific societies.  "The Clinic for Asthma and Allergies" is an institution of international standard, and accessible to the community. It fulfills a "citizen" mission.
The Addiction Center welcomes patients with addictive problems (Tobbaco, alcohol, hard drugs, games...). This Center is integrated in the community. A lot of family associations are expecting this type of center offering specific treatments and follow-up.
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The Addiction Center
The Rehabilitation Clinic
A Multidisciplinary Organisation to handle handicap and traffic accidents consequences. This center will gather different types of emergencies, departments of acute conditions, medical and surgical traumatology. Various units and services will be devoted to  reeducation and medical rehabilitation, neurology and orthopaedy, including the access to new technologies for the management  of handicap, focusing on familial and social rehabilitation.
Obesity, in particular Abdominal Adiposity is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Prevention of obesity and diabetes is mandatory, to avoid Myocardial Infraction, Stroke and complications of Diabetes. This is the mission of the "Matricia Weight Clinic".
The Weight Clinic
Project Ownership Assistance
- Anticipate and analyze the medical needs according to public health targets.

- Implement innovative medical structures worldwide.

- Analyze technical, organizational and functional aspect of medical projects.

- Manage all the teams from multidisciplinary environments in charge of developing our projects.
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