The CarDiaMet® institute
An innovative model of healthcare services and personalized provided by multidisciplinary experts teams, to prevent cardiovascular and metabolic risk associated with Stress at Overweight and Sedentarity.

The CarDiaMet ® institute addresses these issues with a solution Health, Wellness, Pleasure.
Cardiamet® care programs are designed to restore a sustainable life balanced which is source of longevity.
The approach is comprehensive. It is the combination of several disciplines: medicine, nutrition, stress control techniques and physical activities adapted to each person according to their profile, personality and needs.

This integrated approach involves several phases:

1. Evaluation of the profile by health professionals of the institute,
to provide care program best suited:
• Index of stress
• Nutritional assessment and Proteomics
• Settings cardiovascular
• Tolerance to exercise
• Review morphometric...

2. Propose a program centered on one or more problems: stress, sedentary and/or overweight:
• Support rehabilitation and nutritional imbalances
• Rebalancing proteomics
• Finding pleasure and nutricional balance
• Integrated Stress Management
• Wellness, Fitness and outdoor activities

3. The program's effectiveness is measured at the end of stay in order to establish a "requirement" that consolidates and makes perennial the balance achieved.The continuous performances evaluation will permit to establish databases for medical teams and related recommendations for the best monitoring.

4. Personalized monitoring remote is set up to answer questions and provide advices.

The team will be organized around a cardiologist present on the site checking all the conditions concerning the quality and safety acts provided. Specialists in adapted physical activity (APA), sports coaches and physiotherapists will be part of the care team.
"Medicine is the art of preserving health and possibly cure illnesses in the body"
(Avicenne on a medicine poem)
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